our services

As a national home AED provider, LifeSure coordinates services with your prescribing physician. We make sure our certified instructors can meet with you and your caregiver in the hospital, at a medical facility, at home, or at other locations convenient for you. LifeSure also works with your insurance company to provide any coverage that may be available for your AED.


AED Specialists

LifeSure CPR certified Instructors provide AED training to each patient and their caregiver. Instruction is arranged by LifeSure nurses according to physician requirements, the coordination of insurance services, and convenience to the patient and their caregiver.


Philips Partner

Based on our professional expertise, LifeSure was selected by Philips HealthTech as the national provider for Home AED services. Our AEDs are approved specifically for home use. Should you or anyone you know have a diagnosis that requires a Home AED device, contact LifeSure for assistance.


Work With Insurers

LifeSure Intake staff work with insurance companies across the nation to make sure the insurance coverage you have is correctly billed. Once your physician prescribes your AED, LifeSure takes it from there and works with your insurance provider to determine your benefits.